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A guide to working with me:

1. Don’t feel you have to have all the details figured out. I have managed many many weddings and events. I am intimately familiar with local venues and am happy to offer suggestions that work in these spaces. We’ll sort through options together.

2. Weddings are a celebration of you two and above all else, they are meant to be fun & stress-free. Your wedding day is not the final hooray! Its just the beginning so don’t get pressured into perfection & following trends.

3. Please be open with me about your budget so I can help you make the best decisions. I know what is & isn’t worth splurging on if you have a tight budget. What I like to do is provide guidance elements that are worth investing in and help make the most of your budget. Just as you pay your hairdressers or tradies for their time, products, services & experience, its the same for wedding and floral stylists.... it takes years to get this right so please also keep this in mind when budgeting.


4. Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Many of the most popular wedding photos are from America where flower availability seems to be endless & you are only seeing the best of the best. I am talking like $350,000 + $ weddings. 


5. When picking your venue, actually take in the space. If it's a causal space no amount of money will make it feel more formal.  Do you want a glamour city wedding? Don’t pick a barnyard. Tropical outdoor wedding? Don’t pick a ballroom. Think about the venue that suits the vibe you are going for. 


6. Lighting lighting lighting, you can never have enough. I think a lot of people skip this because they don’t understand the value it adds. It creates an atmosphere better than anything else. It also affects how well your photos will turn out once the sun goes down. There is no point spending $4,000 on floral and then have a terribly lit room.


7. On the topic of Lighting, never underestimate the value of adding candlelight – it brings a true sense of romance to the evening and creates a level of intimacy not found elsewhere.


8. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes everything! Wind, rain, temperature, florals that are in season you name it. So please consider these elements when picking everything. Ask the professionals, we actually know stuff! 

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