Our collection of cushions are just the thing you need to finish off your event. Whether its to go on our feature furniture or create comfy spaces on our rugs for your guests to enjoy. Have a look at our options and send me an email with what you are thinking. If you want some suggestions I can send you through our look book of how we suggest using these cushions!

Sea Green Boho Cushion

Black Boho Cushion

Natural Stripe Cushion 

Light Blue Stripe Floor Cushion 

Qty 8 - $15 each

Natural Stripe Floor Cushion 

Qty 8 - $15 each

Qty 6 - $10 each

Light Blue Cushion

Light Blue Stripe Cushion 

Qty 6- $3 each

Grey Cushion 

Qty 12 - $5 each

Boho Mandala Cushion 

Qty 6 - $10 each

Black Stripe Floor Cushion 

Qty 2 - $15 each

Navy Blue


Qty 12- $5 each

Purple Tassle 

Floor  Cushion 

Qty 6 - $15 each

Shaggy Rainbow  


Qty 4 - $5 each

Flower Cushion 

Qty 6 - $10 each

Pink Rectangle Velvet Cushion 

Qty 8 - $5 each